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Imagine! A Unique Popcorn Experience

Welcome To White Mountain Kettle Corn

Leo & Priscilla at the Fryeburg Fair

We thought that retirement would bring hikes and bike rides through the beautiful hills of New Hampshire. Ha! That was before a chance encounter with kettle corn at a little country fair back in 1998.

“Let‘s do this. It looks like fun!“ We can do this! Maybe just on some weekends… in the summertime.” Well, look what happened! We’re now popping White Mountain Kettle Corn year-round, still in small batches, the traditional way. We use our own special recipe (perfected by our many official taste testers – a/k/a our family and friends). We endeavored to create a tasty treat that we could feel good about feeding to our grandchildren and that we would be proud to share with other families. The result is an all natural, gluten free snack that is ever so lightly sweet and salty.

Pop, pop, pop.

In 2010, a second generation joined the business. Christopher, our middle child, a corporate lawyer by training, brought with him a new single serving size and a fresh package design.

The design is new, but we still make our family recipe, in the same way, with the same delicate balance of sweet and salty goodness that you’ve enjoyed since 1999. It’s fresh, crisp, and delicious.

White Mountain Kettle Corn Crew

As we have grown, we have chosen to continue to make White Mountain Kettle Corn ourselves with the help of our loyal team in our own little poppery. It might be cheaper to use a contract manufacturer to make our kettle corn, but they use their equipment to make lots of other products. By making it ourselves, we can ensure that it is created with care, to our high standards, and on dedicated equipment.

It is comforting to people with a wide range of allergy concerns to know that we don’t use our equipment to make anything containing peanuts, tree-nuts, dairy products, wheat, oats, barley, rye, shellfish, or seafood.

With the new design came also characters. Yes, our family and members of our team are a bunch of characters, but we mean popcorn characters. Our family thought it would be fun to see what could be imagined from the unique shapes of popcorn. The new package features three characters right out of a bag of White Mountain Kettle Corn: our mascot the Moose and his friends Owl, Chicken, Bunny, and baby Elephant.

White Mountain Kettle Corn is more than an all-natural tasty treat. It’s fun, too! Have you ever searched for cool shapes in the clouds? Try it with White Mountain Kettle Corn. We did, and we found Moose… and his friends!! Let us know what you find.

Ever so lightly sweet and salty. White Mountain Kettle Corn is the perfect snack for whatever craving you’ve got going. Enjoy!

From our family to yours, we promise simple pleasures in every bag, made with a little magic, a dash of whimsy, and all natural ingredients.

Leo & Priscilla Dube