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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients you use?
We keep it simple: corn, sugar, vegetable oil, and salt. We only use all natural ingredients you can spell and pronounce without a dictionary.

What kind of oil do you cook with?
We use only highly refined soybean oil because of the unique flavor profile it gives our kettle corn. Many others indicate in their ingredient list that they use “one or more of the following” oils because they look for the cheapest oil they can find. Our commitment is to yumminess. The soybean oil we use is highly refined (not expressed) so that the allergin proteins are removed.

Does White Mountain Kettle Corn contain any gluten?
Our kettle corn is gluten-free.

How much whole grain does White Mountain Kettle Corn contain?
Each 3-cup serving of White Mountain Kettle Corn contains 18.85 grams of whole grains. According to the Whole Grain Council guidelines, a product with at least 16 grams/serving is considered an Excellent Source of whole grain.

Are there any peanut, tree-nut, or dairy products in White Mountain Kettle Corn?
No, White Mountain Kettle Corn contains no peanut, tree-nut, or dairy products. The equipment we use to cook and package White Mountain Kettle Corn is never in contact with any peanut, tree-nut, or dairy products.

Is there any cholesterol in your product?
No, we use only soybean oil which contains no cholesterol.

Are there trans fatty acids in White Mountain Kettle Corn?
White Mountain Kettle Corn contains no trans fats.

Can you make White Mountain Kettle Corn without salt?
Yes. If you request, we will pop your corn without salt. This alters the flavor a bit, but folks tell us it is delicious because we use the same high quality popcorn that is not genetically modified.

How long will White Mountain® Kettle Corn last?
We guaranty that our product will stay crisp and tasty in its family re-sealable pouch until the date indicated on the bag (six digits indicating month, day, and year). Simply roll the bag to remove excess air and seal it using the zip closure.

How can I keep the kettle corn crisp?
White Mountain Kettle Corn loves the cold so keeping it in a cool environment or even freezing it extends the shelf life and makes it happy. Humidity is the enemy of kettle corn, so it is important not to expose the product to moisture or excessive heat such as leaving it out in a dish on a humid day, keeping its bag open when you are not munching, or storing the bag in direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Will you fill special orders?
We understand that one size does not always fit everyone's needs. If you have special needs for bag size, decoration, quantity, or shipping, please do call or e-mail us and we will discuss how we can meet your requirements.

What is kettle corn?
Kettle Corn is a sweet and salty popcorn snack. You will find that one kettle corn will differ from another because other purveyors of kettle corn use different varieties of popcorn (yes, there are many), different types of oil (yes, there are many of those, too), different sweeteners, and different amounts/proportions of salt and sweeteners. We use only pure cane sugar as a sweetener and only soybean oil because of its unique flavor profile. Cooking methods also vary may alter the taste of the kettle corn. We make ours the old-fashioned way; one small batch at a time with love and careful attention.

Where did the idea of kettle corn come from?
White Mountain Kettle Corn follows an old tradition of kettle-popped popcorn said to have been brought to the United State of America in the 18th and 19th centuries by farmers emigrating from Europe. Today, we continue to pop our kettle corn in small batches to ensure top quality taste, crispness, and freshness; just as they did centuries ago.

When did you start making kettle corn?
In 1999 we created our special recipe and started making White Mountain Kettle Corn, prior to the modern kettle corn craze that has made it a favorite sweet and salty snack nationwide.